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Puppy Toys For Jack Russell Terrier Pups

What kind of toy make the best toys for your Jack Russell Terrier Pup? Here is a toy that is one of our Dog’s favorites. Our Jack Russell Christie is no longer a puppy, but back to pups in a minute. Meet Christie’s friend who we named Loch Ness Bess….

Loch Ness Bess

Loch Ness Bess has lasted Christie a while

Soft toys are a lot of fun since Jack Russell’s do like to dig their teeth in and give the toy a good shaking. But take our advice, for Jack Russell’s who are still pups, you do much better with harder nylon toy because during the teething process, there is going to be a whole lot of chewing being done on something, so it may as well NOT be the edges of your furniture. Or you could get a teething puppy a nice rawhide bone…

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier with a bone to pick

….Okay, this rawhide bone is a little bit to big, but there are some more appropriately sized toys just below.

Make sure when you pick a toy, that it’s one that won’t easily fall apart as Jack Russell’s really like to play hard. You may find that occasionally the dog will actually tear the stuffing out of a poor quality soft toy. Old Loch Ness Bess has lasted Christie a lot longer than some other stuffed doggy toys. But you can go wrong with a “properly sized” rawhide bone or even a hard nylon chew toy like below.

Puppy Toysoft puppy toy

  There are more ideal toys for small dogs here.


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